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Testimonial – Combined Martial Arts Little Tigers Early Learning & Character Development Program

Feedback from one of our Little Tiger’s mother. Oliver has been a part of the CMA Family for over 12 months now and will be graduating from the Little Tigers program after his next grading. This is what his mother has to say:
“Since Oliver joined Combined Martial Arts, we have observed a positive development in Oliver’s behaviour. He is very attentive to others and shows an increased awareness of safe play. He is often heard to be telling other children not to fight and not to bully. He shows an incredible amount of respect to us (his parents) and his friends and family; this makes us very proud as parents. I do believe that Combined Martial Arts has played a huge role in this, and has been essential to his development.
I just want to thank Bill Wakefield and the Instructors at Combined Martial Arts for doing an amazing job with my child!”

Little Dragon Oliver holding Student of the Week trophy

Little Dragon Oliver holding Student of the Week trophy

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Sensei Kosta Skrapis is coming to ISKA State Titles

Sensei Kosta Skrapis is coming to ISKA State Titles

Sensei Kosts Skrapis is coming to the State Titles on the Gold Coast on September 1st. He will be doing demonstrations and competing. If you would like to get Kosta to do a seminar for you please contact Combined Martial Arts on 07 5527 491…1.
A little bit about Kosta:
Kosta Skrapis, aged 21, local to the Wollongong area NSW, has this year been inducted to the International Sports Karate Association, Hall of Fame, recognising Kosta as “Best New Talent”.
Pairing with one of his students, Ozkan Ismail, they have now made quite an impression the video sharing platform ‘Youtube’, through their Martial Arts and Tricking videos.

“Originally we decided to post them up just to showcase our skills and how we went at competitions. We started receiving lots of comments to post more videos up, so we kept doing what we loved.” Kosta explained.

With 6 videos featured on their producers page, ‘OffTap Productions’ the views have begun to sky rocket with recent videos combining to a total over 100,000 views in their first month.

“It is so exciting seeing how far we have come. I love Martial Arts and can’t wait to see where it takes us in the future.” Says Ozkan.

In the first week of Ozkan’s promo teaser release, it recieved 30,000 views alone.
Ozkan has also traveled Australia and taken out numerous State, National and World titles for Extreme Weapons and Extreme Forms.

Recently, both Kosta and Ozkan have been approached by producers to feature in music film clips for both ‘Justice Crew’ and X Factor finalists, ‘Fourtunate’.

“They are able to offer a new level of skill and raise the intensity in the breakdown for our film clip. As soon as we saw the boys online we knew we wanted them to feature in our clip.” Fourtunates PR Manager, Emily Dodd explained.

Kosta is also the Martial Arts school owner of the well-known gym, KMA Wollongong.

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Wise Words – (P/Guro Ling) Hanshi Tino Ceberano

Amazing and inspiring words spoken by a all time martial arts legend, Hanshi Tino Ceberano, at Combined Martial Arts Nerang, Queensland.

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(P/Guro Ling) Hanshi Tino Ceberano – Combined Martial Arts – Advance Class

Tonight we had a special guest taking the advance class. (P/Guro Ling) Hanshi Tino Ceberano, a 10th dan black belt. He is also known as the father of martial arts in Australia. Everyone at Combined Martial Art was in awe of the many wonderful stories and techniques that (P/Guro Ling) Hanshi Tino Ceberano shared with us. His expertise as a trainer and lecturer made our  learning experience enjoyable, motivating, stimulating and above all out of this world.

From everyone here at Combined Martial Arts. We dearly thank (P/Guro Ling) Hanshi Tino Ceberano for sharing this time, stories and techniques with us. Osu….

(P/Guro Ling) Hanshi Tino Ceberano said he would like to do a “Full Day” seminar if theres enough people interested in doing one. So please comment below if you wish to do a rare & one in a life time seminar with (P/Guro Ling) Hanshi Tino Ceberano a 10th dan black belt, and the father of  martial arts in Australia. The seminar will be based on weapons, self-defense, hand techniques and much, much more.

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Aspiring Words from (P/Guro Ling) Hanshi Tino Ceberano

I aspire to inspire, before I expire

Slow to learn. Slow to forget

Aspiring words made by (P/Guro Ling) Hanshi Tino Cerberano in front of the Advance Class at Combined Martial Arts.

Please like, comment or share these inspiring word.

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