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Then all you have to do is bring your friends to training and get 10 free tickets to go in the draw. if your friend join you get 50 free extra tickets to go in the draw for the iPad (do you have a friend or family member that you want to show your karate too ??). iPad draw will be on 2nd of November at the Dinner and Dance Party.



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Holiday School Camp

Summer Camp is growing fast!!!! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!!!!

Summer School Camp is going to run for 5 days. This is the most affordable and fun camp out there. Do you want your kid to just sit around and just do the same old thing, over and over again???

Don’t let miss out on a fun fulled day of activity’s at Combined Martial Arts Nerang. There is still time to put your child’s name down for this amazing camp. For more information, please talk to Shihan


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Mat chats

Mat chats are all about being positive, our mat chats cover a wide range of topics, a ll of them positive. Studies have shown children’s emotional, interllectual and physical  growth are all enhance when they receive positive encouragement and have role models in their lives. What encouraging subjects would you like  you’re child taught? Please share these thoughts with your friends.


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Testimonial – Michael and Marlean Fogarty


Firstly both my wife and I want to express our gratitude to you and your wonderful team of martial arts teachers. Ethan, who has always wanted to learn a martial arts of some description, is thoroughly enjoying his CMA experience and we also are enjoying his dedication and focus during lessons. Nathan, Marty and you have been a big influence on his enjoyment and commitment during classes. There is also a young girl instructor, Bliss. This girl is a natural born teacher. The children respect her, they listen, they obey. She is clear in her instructions, explains basics in a concise, uncluttered manner and is always looking for positive things to say to her charges. As an experienced classroom teacher of over 35 years, I have had the privilege of taking many student teachers and the types of qualities Bliss naturally displays, are exactly what a mentor teacher is looking for. They are GOLD in the teaching profession. Good teachers are born, not made. She is a natural!!

Please pass this on to the rest of the team …… they deserve accolades for a job well done.
Michael and Marlean FOGARTY

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Mat Chat by Shihan Bill

Mat Chat by Shihan Bill

Shihan Bill doing a mat talk on stranger danger.Always walk to school and home with a friend, when possible.Never accept a gift or a ride from a stranger.If you are followed ,go into the nearest store or where people are, never hide.Never leave school with out permission.never answer the door if your parent are not home.Yell loudly and say stop if a stranger or adult approaches you. You can kick or punch to get away if you need too.

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Fundraising Saturday Morning

Without the support of local businesses, our students wouldn’t get this amazing opportune to travel over to China in 2014.

We would like to specially thank;

Hinterland Meats,

Global Food & Wine, 

Reward Distribution

Pacific Fruit & Vegetables

For their kind donations towards these BBQ’s we are having. We would also like to thank the helpers for donating their time and effort to helping with these events. A special thanks to Bev Buckley, Shelle Naumann, Nadia Boonzaayer, Mikyla and Clint Durbin, for helping out on Saturday the 13th of July

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Dear parents and/or Guardians

How Can You Help

When a student in our school accomplishes their first kick or punch, they begin to build confidence. They have to be persistent, practice and stick to it to get
better. At times, they may get frustrated, angry and even feel bad, but we do what we can to help them understand that their persistence is going to pay off.

As a parent, you can instill this same feeling of not only self-confidence, but self-esteem. Don’t do everything for your children; help them accomplish things themselves. Give them some age appropriate chores to do. Initially, they may not enjoy it, but they will feel great after it’s complete and see how happy and proud you are of them.

Allow them to fail at some things so that they can |continue working for a successful outcome. Teach them it’s ok to make a mistake sometimes if they learn how to correct it.

Help them recognize their great qualities and how
important it is to not only use them, but share them.


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined.”

— Henry David Thoreau

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